Fashion design is one of the most interesting jobs. People are always seeking to reinvent and repackage themselves. Others are always looking for ways to redefine the packaging they have had for years. Seasons also determine how fashion is expressed.

In 2017, the fashion industry promises to continue with the trends. The Freedom State is a ladies’ fashion house that provides a variety allowing women to choose their preferences. The fashion designs in which the shop specializes is bohemian.

They emphasize freedom and beauty. It stocks different types of clothing and accessories such as jewellery.

Fashion Trends for 2017


Denim ClothingMany types of clothing are stocked in the Freedom State. Fashion designers that supply the shop are carefully selected to capture the freedom of the boho style, like maxi skirts and dresses. They allow the bold to express their style preferences. Denim beach shorts and tee-shirts are available in a wide variety. For this Valentine’s Day, customers have an opportunity to choose from the resurgent 90s fashion. The return to the 90s has Levi’s at the vanguard. The shop offers a broad range of Levi’s products. They range from high waist trousers to beach shorts to boyfriend jackets. In the 90s category, are also the original Levi’s 501s.

The shop caters for the girl who loves the heat of the wild there are playsuits from different designers. The designers include Somedays Lovin, Amuse Society and Free People and many others. Bodysuits from various designers are also available for water sport and beach freedom. Beach lovers can also choose from an array of Casanova rags that are available to boost their look and feel of freedom.


Jewellery is essential when accessorizing your new outfit. The Freedom State is famous for its Chakra necklaces. In 2017, these accessories can be matched with bracelets of their kind which are now available. The resurgence of the 90s is not only in clothing, but it is also in jewellery. The chokers that were popular in the ’90 are both in vogue. Freedom State has brought back the Vanessa Mooney Chockers. With the clothing from the 90s, an enthusiast of vintage fashion can complete their look of choice with these chokers.

Although not new to this house’s customers, the elegantly beaded jewels will still be available in gold and sterling silver. These are expected to continue making waves in the fashion world in 2017.


Fashionable HeadgearsHaving clothed the body and bejewelled the extremities, a fashion shop of good standing would be remiss if it failed to offer options for your head! Straw hats are available to go with the beach shorts and Somedays Lovin beach dresses. The shop also provides wide brimmed hats for the wild loving gypsy look. The wide brimmed hats accessorize dresses and jeans worn during hikes. They protect the wearer from the sun while maintaining the chic. Beanies are a natural part of any winter line of clothing. The beaded multicoloured ones can be combined with the bomber jackets that are on sale in the shop for winter.

The clothes available in the Freedom State are from many different designers. The store seeks to remain faithful to the niche it has cut for itself, casual clothing. The first style in the showroom is the Bohemian Style. The fact that shipping in Australia is free for purchases over $100 enables the store to spread beauty across the country and around the world.