With the hot days increasingly becoming common, it’s clear that summer is slowly creeping in. It will be a great season with numerous festivals, events and general gathering that will require you to dress up well in 2017 fashion trends and still enjoy the warm weather. Among the must-have summer outfits for this season (summer) is the playsuits. It’s commonly known as a romper and is easily confused with jumpsuit but it has much shorter bottoms.

The good thing about jumpsuits is their simplicity in designs and incredible sense of fashion. They are extremely versatile in that you can wear them casually or dress them up and still look feminine and hot. In fact, if you’re looking for an alternative to a skirt or dress and still worry less about exposing too much skin, then jumpsuit is a perfect alternative.

Types of Jumpsuits for Summer

For the purpose of differentiating different jumpsuits, the fabric used is commonly in classification. That’s why it’s important to consider the fabric used before settling on one. Here are the best types of playsuits Australia, now get picking your favourites:

Terry Cloth JumpsuitsTerry Cloth

The fabric has a high pile loop of cotton either on one side or both sides. That’s what gives these types of playsuits the textured appearance. The material is also highly absorbent and durable, and thus you’ll get value for the money spent. It’s easy to care and less affected by creases making it possible to maintain its new look even after repeated washing.

Cotton Jersey

This is a light and soft material, that’s comfortable to wear. What makes these types of playsuits popular is the fact that it’s flexible and can stretch to conform to the wearer’s body shape. If you can find a 100 per cent cotton playsuit the better.


If you’re looking for an evening wear, then silk playsuit is what you need. The silky material will keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer months. Although it requires special care and it’s prone to spots and stain easily, it’s a great option.

Cotton RompersCotton

The fabric is known for its softness and durability. Its high breathability makes it ideal for playsuits during warmer summer months. Cotton is also great in absorbing water thus making it great for summer months where the wearer is likely to sweat a lot.


Lastly but not the least is the linen fabrics. It is one of the widely used fabrics due to its durability and availability in a range of textures. It is high absorbency, and thus it can be worn in any kind of weather including humid and hot environments.

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