As we hit the final stretch of the spring and usher in summer, what colours do you have in your wardrobe? Note that not every colour will work for you in these seasons. The world of fashion has very selective in coming up with best colours inspired mostly by these seasons. Don’t be left behind by the current trends in the fashion industry. In this article, we are providing you with the top spring/summer colour trends this year. Here are the top spring/summer colour trends 2017.

Colour Trends Perfect for Spring and Summer 2017

1.    Niagara Demin Blue

Summer ColorThis is the trendiest colour of spring 2017, and it’s expected to continue trending throughout the summer season. Its versatility in design, particularly matching with other colours have been the main reason that it has become popular over the spring and probably throughout the summer. It can be designed into numerous outfits and still pull off a fashionable look. It is a very comfortable colour, and it works almost for very occasion, function and event. The colour works best on fabrics such as the silk. It is a great colour to buy, and it’s expected to trend even beyond 2017.

2.    Primrose yellow

This is another great colour that you should have in the wardrobe before spring comes to an end. Primrose will also be valuable over the summer since it’s expected to trend throughout the season. The colour makes excellent outfits and will definitely do well over the warm season. In fact, it is expected to be one of the colours dominating the runways over the summer season. The colour also brings a fabulous look to couples when worn on evening events or gatherings.

3.    Lapis blue

Lapis Blue OutfitThis is another outstanding colour you should not lack this year. We all love bluish colours and happen to be the most loved compared other such as indigo. The colour has been trending from the end of 2016, and the momentum picked over spring 2017. It’s a warm colour thus the reason it did well over the spring. It’s a high confidence that will make feel comfortable no matter the kind of outfit that you wear. It’s also a perfect colour for the summer, and it brings out a fabulous when matched with a bag or a flip-flop of another colour for a beach-ready spin. Even if out of season, the colour can fit in any occasion during and after this season

4.    Flame Red-Based Orange

This is yet another trending colour that should be in your wardrobe. It’s also expected to trend even beyond the season. This Red-based Orange, whether in jewelleries or dresses, seems to be attached between red and orange bringing about much love, fun and other great feelings. The colour can also be matched with a neutral or a bright colour it make it more out outstanding. It’s a lively colour that’s comfortable for any occasion during this season. It gives a busting and glorious flame in evening dresses, headwear, and cocktails among others. Flame red-based orange is one of the most flamboyant spring 2017 fashion trendings from different angles making it the best to buy.

5.    Ethereal White

Summer White DressesThis is another dominating colour during this spring season and tends to trend even beyond the season. Ethereal whites bring out a feeling of purity, light and innocence making the season more gorgeous colour to wear. This colour fits in many occasions during spring and summer season. Having been used in runways due to its outstanding look and this confidently claims it as one of the spring/summer 2017 trending colour. The feeling of purity brought by this great colour gives abundant confidence making it trendy throughout the season.

These are just some of the main colours that you try out this season. Most of these colour trends are not likely to die out with the end of the season. You will continue enjoying the colours even after the season is over. Other colours that are also trending include pale dogwood pink, greenery, pink yarrow and hazelnut.