With the summer coming soon, how is your wardrobe looking like? You need to have fun at the beach, and thus your wardrobe should have the right clothing for this season. Do not jump into the summer without the most trending bikinis this year. High waist bikinis have always remained a great choice to many but which are the most trending fashion for 2017? We have rounded up some of the flattering high-waist bikinis to hit the beach. Here are some of the best bikinis that you should have:

Summer Bikinis for 2017

1.    Adriana Degreas Bikini

women-in-bikinisThis is precisely the kind of bikini that you need to make your summer special. Crafted from soft stretching fabric, the bikini provides you with perfect grip and tightness. It’s a classic fabric that comes with an eye-catching and simple designs that will make you stand out. The bikini is designed with removable cups, and thus you can remove them when you like. What is more interesting about this bikini is that it dries quickly. You don’t need to machine watch these bikinis- just hand wash them with cold or warm water, and that will be enough to get them clean.

2.    Flagpole Bikini

If you’re looking for that fine touch of class for your bikini, Flagpole bikini is what you need. Design with eye-catching colours, this is the perfect high-waist bikini for this summer. It comes in different colours, and thus you have a broad choice to choose from. Flagpole bikinis are known for the quality of their material. They are made from a material that stretches to fit your body very well. The material is also known for anti-bacterial properties that offer protection against infection. The material dries very after you are out water and it does not keep you wet for long. If the bikini gets dirty, you just need to hand wash it and you are done. It is a great material for the summer season, particular beach swimming and sunbathing.

3.    Lisa Marie Fernandez Bikini

Lisa Marie Fernandez Bikini

Lisa Marie Fernandez Bikini

If you are looking for a bikini that is not only good for the beach but also to enhance your taste of fashion, then Lisa Marie Fernandez Bikini is precisely what you need. Design with a broad range of colours, this bikini provides you with a variety to choose from. The bikinis designed with a zip that you open while wearing. When the material is stretched, it provides open spaces that allow circulation of the air in the covered skin. It’s the kind of product that you can use for more than one season.

4.    Dolca & Gabbana bikini

Coming with attractive and eye-catching designs, this is one of the bikinis that you should have in your wardrobe this summer. Dolca & Gabbana bikini is not just another bikini but a trend setter in the fashion industry. It is the kind of bikini that you can wear in and out water. If you feel like wearing a bikini at home, or attending a bikini party, it’s one of the best clothing to water. It is very easy to wash and you don’t need a machine, but you can just use your hands to do so. Just hang on the line for it dry.

5.    Mara Hoffman Bikini

One thing that makes this bikini stands out is the colour matching. You will find different prints inspired by different factors such as the waters, summer weather among many others. The quality of the material is classic, and it does not get saggy that soon. In fact, it is one of the materials that have a very long useful life. The material stretches to fit your size, and thus you don’t need to worry whether it will fit you or not. The top comes with removable cups, and you can easily adjust the ties for it to fit you well. If it gets dark, you don’t need a machine, just use your hands and hang it dry.

These are the five flattering high-waist bikinis that you should have this summer. They are not just the common bikinis but a sense of fashion and class. Make your summer special by having summer fashion jewelleries and any of these top bikinis in your wardrobe.