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    Summer Must Have – The Playsuit And Common Types

    Jumpsuits are extremely versatile; you can wear them casually or dress them up and still look feminine and hot. Here are the best types of playsuits you can choose from…

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    Top Spring/Summer Colour Trends 2017

    As we hit the final stretch of the spring and usher in summer, what colours do you have in your wardrobe? Note that not every colour will work for you in these seasons. The world of fashion has very selective in coming up with best colours inspired mostly by these seasons. Don’t be left behind by the current trends in the fashion industry. In this article, we are providing you with the top spring/summer colour trends this year. Here are the top spring/summer colour trends 2017.

    Colour Trends Perfect for Spring and Summer 2017

    1.    Niagara Demin Blue

    Summer ColorThis is the trendiest colour of spring 2017, and it’s expected to continue trending throughout the summer season. Its versatility in design, particularly matching with other colours have been the main reason that it has become popular over the spring and probably throughout the summer. It can be designed into numerous outfits and still pull off a fashionable look. It is a very comfortable colour, and it works almost for very occasion, function and event. The colour works best on fabrics such as the silk. It is a great colour to buy, and it’s expected to trend even beyond 2017.

    2.    Primrose yellow

    This is another great colour that you should have in the wardrobe before spring comes to an end. Primrose will also be valuable over the summer since it’s expected to trend throughout the season. The colour makes excellent outfits and will definitely do well over the warm season. In fact, it is expected to be one of the colours dominating the runways over the summer season. The colour also brings a fabulous look to couples when worn on evening events or gatherings.

    3.    Lapis blue

    Lapis Blue OutfitThis is another outstanding colour you should not lack this year. We all love bluish colours and happen to be the most loved compared other such as indigo. The colour has been trending from the end of 2016, and the momentum picked over spring 2017. It’s a warm colour thus the reason it did well over the spring. It’s a high confidence that will make feel comfortable no matter the kind of outfit that you wear. It’s also a perfect colour for the summer, and it brings out a fabulous when matched with a bag or a flip-flop of another colour for a beach-ready spin. Even if out of season, the colour can fit in any occasion during and after this season

    4.    Flame Red-Based Orange

    This is yet another trending colour that should be in your wardrobe. It’s also expected to trend even beyond the season. This Red-based Orange, whether in jewelleries or dresses, seems to be attached between red and orange bringing about much love, fun and other great feelings. The colour can also be matched with a neutral or a bright colour it make it more out outstanding. It’s a lively colour that’s comfortable for any occasion during this season. It gives a busting and glorious flame in evening dresses, headwear, and cocktails among others. Flame red-based orange is one of the most flamboyant spring 2017 fashion trendings from different angles making it the best to buy.

    5.    Ethereal White

    Summer White DressesThis is another dominating colour during this spring season and tends to trend even beyond the season. Ethereal whites bring out a feeling of purity, light and innocence making the season more gorgeous colour to wear. This colour fits in many occasions during spring and summer season. Having been used in runways due to its outstanding look and this confidently claims it as one of the spring/summer 2017 trending colour. The feeling of purity brought by this great colour gives abundant confidence making it trendy throughout the season.

    These are just some of the main colours that you try out this season. Most of these colour trends are not likely to die out with the end of the season. You will continue enjoying the colours even after the season is over. Other colours that are also trending include pale dogwood pink, greenery, pink yarrow and hazelnut.

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    5 Flattering High-Waist Summer Bikinis 2017

    With the summer coming soon, how is your wardrobe looking like? You need to have fun at the beach, and thus your wardrobe should have the right clothing for this season. Do not jump into the summer without the most trending bikinis this year.

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    What’s Popular in 2017 Fashion

    Seasons also determine how fashion is expressed. Here are the different types of clothing and accessories that’s going to be hot this 2017!

  • Style Tips: 5 Ways to Wear a Maxi Skirt


    Boho maxi skirt blue and red

    Bohemian Fashion Goddess soaking up the sun!

    Maxi skirts are one of the comfiest and most versatile wardrobe staples any girl can pull off. You can wear almost anything with them and still look fabulous. It allows you to move freely with just the right length and it gives an instant statement to any outfit. Not sure how to style your maxi skirt? Here are some of our favourite ways!

    Go Boho!

    Going to a festival? Off on a roadtrip? Boho fashion is the way to go! You can never go wrong with colourful pieces and beautiful patterns that instantly make your day a lot brighter. Pair your patterned skirt with a plain tank or cropped top and throw on a cotton, crochet or denim vest. Bohemian clothing is some of the easiest to mix with so you won’t have any trouble mixing your maxi skirts and boho chic blouses with other items in your wardrobe!

    Don’t forget to accessorize! Sometimes these little accents will do the trick for an effortless boho look. Wear a beaded or layered necklace over your plain top and add that extra edge to your look. When choosing a bag, go for sling bags with a little fringe or beads and other bohemian accents to compliment your maxi. Slip on a simple pair of sandals and you’re good to go!

    Oh, and don’t forget your hippie band and round sunnies!

    Summer Lovin’

    Boho Skirt Wrap

    Atlantis Maxi Dress Wrap – Lokoa

    A maxi skirt is a perfect cover up when you’re at the beach. You can wear it over your bikini bottom when you just want to walk along the shore or lie down under a beach hut. For accessories, just grab your shades and beach hat and enjoy the summer scenery.

    A maxi skirt or dress is also perfect when going on a romantic dinner by the beach. It gives a simply elegant vibe to a tropical setting.

    You can also experiment with your maxi. Try tying a knot to the side, front or back to give it a layered asymmetrical look which is super perfect for summer!


    Boho Suede Poncho

    Beautiful Suede Poncho – Lokoa Windswept Collection.

    Cool Layers

    Girls usually save their maxis for summer and spring, but it actually works great for fall and winter as well. Just add the right layers and you’ll stay warm and cozy. You can wear a plain sweater and tuck it under your patterned maxi and layer in a thick scarf. Wear heeled ankle boots with socks or tights to keep your feet warm. You can also layer in a long cardigan over a blouse that’s tucked in your skirt. Add a thin leather belt and a beanie for a super cool and comfy look. Alternatively, we love the new suede ponchos that have emerged with Lokoa’s new windswept line – absolute stunner and perfect for early spring weather.

    Doll Up!

    A baby pink pleated maxi skirt is perfect for an all-dolled up girly look. Pair it with a lacy top and add in some gold or silver accessories, a cute purse, and heels. Doing an up do will also work nicely, perfect for a lunch date!

    A flouncy floral maxi with a plain fitted off-shoulder top would also be a lovely look. You can accessorize with a nice headband and a long necklace, then slip on a cute pair of sandals or flats to finish the look.

    boho jacket leather with fringes

    Badass Boho Jacket in Black

    From Girly to Grunge

    You can also go grunge with that girly pink maxi skirt you have lying around. Throw on a printed white t-shirt or tank top and layer in a black leather jacket to give off a cool and edgy vibe. Finish your look with high-heeled ankle boots, a belt, and a black bag.

  • Autumn Fashion Trends 2015

    Autumn brings with it, a change in weather and an even more dramatic change in fashion styles. Some you’ll love, others might be a bit too boring, but the good news is that there is plenty to try!

    The colour schemes for this season are the neutral shades like beige and stone, or your contrast colours like black, charcoal, and winter white. These neutral colours would easily match the strong structure and textured designs that are trending today.

    If you prefer items that have a bit more colour, the new strong colour trends are navy, magenta, maroon and burgundy. If you’re one of those adventurous or artsy types you can add a splash of pastels, vivid red, khaki, emerald green, sapphire blue and bright orange.

    trendy autumn outfit 2015Aside from these wonderful colour trends, animal print and stripes are also making a comeback as a perennial classic fashion buy.

    Once you have chosen the colours, that you like, it’s time to check out the fashion trends. The top five fashion trends for this season are mostly pre-loved and well-established trends that suit the season and make a sound claim for function as well as style.

    Let’s start with the relatively new fad in sportswear. I think we are all familiar with this trend. All social networking sites are flooded with people posting their workout selfies (#neversaynever #spinlove #challangeyourself #fitness #fitgoals)

    But nowadays, big name brands are also offering a line of fancy track pants and sweats that can be used outside of the gym. The look presents a very casual chic, perfect for those windy afternoon walks around the park or early morning coffee dates.

    A more formal style that is also making waves this season is the Fine Form style. These are your sleek & form fitting dresses, block patterned blouses, fancy origami style folds & fluid trenches. The kind outfit that can be used for fancy dinner parties & girls night out.

    Bandana Boyfriend JumperSomething just as feminine as the Fine Form Style, but less formal, would be the floral prints. Who says that flowers can only be worn in Spring? Pastels, lace and floral prints are just as much a trend during Autumn as they are in any month of the year. They add a very welcome splash of colour to the neutral autumn tones.

    If you’d like to use a different design, prints are also a great way to add some contrast. The “in” thing when it comes to prints in clothing for this season are your geometric patterns, bold colour splashes, monochromatic mixes and oriental-prints. The self appointed Queen of boho Australia; The Freedom State is one of our favourite women’s fashion locations for delivering bold prints from brands like Spell Designs, adorable dresses from Free People and to-die-for tops from Bird + Kite.

    Last, but certainly not least, are the boyfriend clothes. This style seems to be a permanent fixture in any closet. Not to be confused with the sporty look, the boyfriend clothes style is basically a woman wearing clothes that are tailored for men. The femininity is enhanced by the stark contrast it presents.

    After having read all of these tips on trends, let me leave you with one parting message – Do you.

    Pick a style or set of clothes that fit you, ones that you feel comfortable in, feel confident and beautiful in. Once you achieve that, then, you aren’t just trendy or stylish! You are fabulous!

  • Designing For Celebrities Is A Celebrated Opportunity

    The opportunity of getting to design for celebrities undoubtedly has its perks. For established designers, creating celebrity wardrobes is always an opportunity to further push them into the limelight of fashion. Emerging designers, however, will normally benefit more when given the chance to create clothes for popular personalities.giorgio armani

    In a way, getting to design for celebrities is a media event itself. Focus may appear to be on the celebrities wearing the dresses especially when these are donned during special events. Still, in the subconscious minds of the public, the concentration is on the dress being worn and how good or elegant it would feel to wear something similar if and when the opportunity presents itself.

    In other words, there is a lot of psychology at work whenever celebrity dresses are made. On one end, there is the celebrity set to attract public attention not only because of his or her popularity, but also because of the uniqueness of his or her attire.

    At the other end of the issue, there is the designer waiting in anticipation of what the public and the fashion world will think of his latest creation. In this case, getting to design for celebrities could go either way. For many successful designers, celebrities are effective vehicles for them to further grow their unique brand of clothing.

    Meanwhile, for those who are still struggling in the fashion industry, the opportunity to complete a dress for an important person can prove to be more of a challenge than anything else. This could lead them to unrivalled popularity or leave them in a dark and unnoticed fashion corner depending on how their creations are received.

    In other words, celebrity dressing is a two-edged sword particularly among unknown but emerging fashion designers. It could make or break them and their budding career, and a lot will depend on the kind of relationship that they will eventually establish with their celebrity client.

    In this regard, the interesting aspect of the relationship is that both the stylist and the celebrity benefit from the set-up. The designer obviously needs the help of the celebrity to market his brand of clothing. The latter, on the other hand, is in need of exciting dresses as a way of getting more public exposure and keeping him or her in the minds of film and TV producers.

    Valentino red carpetThis unique but special relationship becomes significantly crucial when special occasions like awards nights come around the corner. During this time, getting to design for celebrities can become a highly viable and lucrative option for both established and budding designers.

    For the latter, it is often important to keep a healthy and working connection with different types of people. As design work opportunities become abundant, the need to have an open line of communication could determine future success in the fashion world.

    Indeed, while the prospects of getting to design for celebrities will initially require tons of hard work, the benefits that await the persevering designer should be worth it all. Branded clothing can get to be established with the accompanying increase in sales. Eventually, various product lines in the form of accessories can be introduced which should result in even more success. The spoils will come thick and fast, if you are only bold enough to claim them! | 502: Bad gateway

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