Autumn brings with it, a change in weather and an even more dramatic change in fashion styles. Some you’ll love, others might be a bit too boring, but the good news is that there is plenty to try!

The colour schemes for this season are the neutral shades like beige and stone, or your contrast colours like black, charcoal, and winter white. These neutral colours would easily match the strong structure and textured designs that are trending today.

If you prefer items that have a bit more colour, the new strong colour trends are navy, magenta, maroon and burgundy. If you’re one of those adventurous or artsy types you can add a splash of pastels, vivid red, khaki, emerald green, sapphire blue and bright orange.

trendy autumn outfit 2015Aside from these wonderful colour trends, animal print and stripes are also making a comeback as a perennial classic fashion buy.

Once you have chosen the colours, that you like, it’s time to check out the fashion trends. The top five fashion trends for this season are mostly pre-loved and well-established trends that suit the season and make a sound claim for function as well as style.

Let’s start with the relatively new fad in sportswear. I think we are all familiar with this trend. All social networking sites are flooded with people posting their workout selfies (#neversaynever #spinlove #challangeyourself #fitness #fitgoals)

But nowadays, big name brands are also offering a line of fancy track pants and sweats that can be used outside of the gym. The look presents a very casual chic, perfect for those windy afternoon walks around the park or early morning coffee dates.

A more formal style that is also making waves this season is the Fine Form style. These are your sleek & form fitting dresses, block patterned blouses, fancy origami style folds & fluid trenches. The kind outfit that can be used for fancy dinner parties & girls night out.

Bandana Boyfriend JumperSomething just as feminine as the Fine Form Style, but less formal, would be the floral prints. Who says that flowers can only be worn in Spring? Pastels, lace and floral prints are just as much a trend during Autumn as they are in any month of the year. They add a very welcome splash of colour to the neutral autumn tones.

If you’d like to use a different design, prints are also a great way to add some contrast. The “in” thing when it comes to prints in clothing for this season are your geometric patterns, bold colour splashes, monochromatic mixes and oriental-prints. The self appointed Queen of boho Australia; The Freedom State is one of our favourite women’s fashion locations for delivering bold prints from brands like Spell Designs, adorable dresses from Free People and to-die-for tops from Bird + Kite.

Last, but certainly not least, are the boyfriend clothes. This style seems to be a permanent fixture in any closet. Not to be confused with the sporty look, the boyfriend clothes style is basically a woman wearing clothes that are tailored for men. The femininity is enhanced by the stark contrast it presents.

After having read all of these tips on trends, let me leave you with one parting message – Do you.

Pick a style or set of clothes that fit you, ones that you feel comfortable in, feel confident and beautiful in. Once you achieve that, then, you aren’t just trendy or stylish! You are fabulous!