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  • The Ugly Side of Fashion

    toxic tanneries

    Toxic Waste From Tanneries in Bangladesh

    Even though fashion is seen as a glamorous and lucrative industry, few people are aware that the workers involved in the garment sector are laboring under conditions that are borderline slavery and dangerous to their health.

    The salaries that these people receive are still considered poverty wages and working conditions are so horrendous they’re making their workers sick. Undoubtedly, this is one fashion issue that has remained unaddressed for the longest time, at the will of your favourite brands.

    This does not mean that nothing is being done to help out underpaid garment workers. Efforts are actually being made but according to several concerned groups, these are hardly sufficient. As such, many high-end fashion brands have come to be tagged as exploiters especially given the lingering issue about poor wages.

    An interesting aspect about this particular problem is the fact that a number of garment workers involved in the manufacture of branded clothing are based in third-world or developing countries. This tends to further worsen the problem as labor costs in these places are quite low and is the number one reason garment production is often outsourced to these parts of the world. Vice News recently went to Bangladesh where they reported that more than 200 tanneries in Dhaka are spewing toxic waste and causing workers to suffer severe health problems.

    There is a serious need for more socially-conscious people and enterprises to come forward and offer solutions. From this perspective, the concept of ethical fashion is often brought to light, but the question of what ethical fashion is all about is something that can be unclear at times.

    This is understandable since the term covers a rather wide range of areas. For instance, from the trading point of view, ethical fashion involves the practice of ensuring that garment workers stationed in various factories are compensated fairly, while those who supply the raw materials are given fair rates for their products. From a long-term perspective, ethical fashion can also involve the establishment of a strong and equal relationship between garment manufacturers and fashion designers with a view to complying with existing labor laws and safe working environments.

    Ethical fashion, however, is a fashion issue not entirely limited to the protection of the rights of workers to decent wages. Even animal rights are covered by this important fashion term. In this case, when observing ethical fashion, the goal is to ensure that in the production of clothing items like leather and fur, no mistreatment of animals took place and that the production was not done under excessive terms.

    From an environmental standpoint, observing good fashion ethics is also expected. During the clothing production process, chemically-treated dyes are hardly recommended but commonly used even as natural fabrics are given preference. Ostensibly, the goal here is to minimize the impact of chemicals on the environment and workers.

    Needless to say, ethical fashion is one fashion issue that covers a lot of important aspects. Meeting its basic requirements should effectively address all the major problems confronting the fashion industry. Sadly, this is hardly the case. The business of fashion is clothed in glamour and style that the typical woman on the street is often unaware of what actually goes on behind the trend-setting designs.

    Specialized groups like cooperatives, labor unions, and cause-oriented organizations should seek to play a more active role. The emphasis is not necessarily to dress down the fashion world to its bare necessities but to address one fashion issue at a time in order to help make the industry stand for something more than just style and sophistication.

  • Designing For Celebrities Is A Celebrated Opportunity

    The opportunity of getting to design for celebrities undoubtedly has its perks. For established designers, creating celebrity wardrobes is always an opportunity to further push them into the limelight of fashion. Emerging designers, however, will normally benefit more when given the chance to create clothes for popular personalities.giorgio armani

    In a way, getting to design for celebrities is a media event itself. Focus may appear to be on the celebrities wearing the dresses especially when these are donned during special events. Still, in the subconscious minds of the public, the concentration is on the dress being worn and how good or elegant it would feel to wear something similar if and when the opportunity presents itself.

    In other words, there is a lot of psychology at work whenever celebrity dresses are made. On one end, there is the celebrity set to attract public attention not only because of his or her popularity, but also because of the uniqueness of his or her attire.

    At the other end of the issue, there is the designer waiting in anticipation of what the public and the fashion world will think of his latest creation. In this case, getting to design for celebrities could go either way. For many successful designers, celebrities are effective vehicles for them to further grow their unique brand of clothing.

    Meanwhile, for those who are still struggling in the fashion industry, the opportunity to complete a dress for an important person can prove to be more of a challenge than anything else. This could lead them to unrivalled popularity or leave them in a dark and unnoticed fashion corner depending on how their creations are received.

    In other words, celebrity dressing is a two-edged sword particularly among unknown but emerging fashion designers. It could make or break them and their budding career, and a lot will depend on the kind of relationship that they will eventually establish with their celebrity client.

    In this regard, the interesting aspect of the relationship is that both the stylist and the celebrity benefit from the set-up. The designer obviously needs the help of the celebrity to market his brand of clothing. The latter, on the other hand, is in need of exciting dresses as a way of getting more public exposure and keeping him or her in the minds of film and TV producers.

    Valentino red carpetThis unique but special relationship becomes significantly crucial when special occasions like awards nights come around the corner. During this time, getting to design for celebrities can become a highly viable and lucrative option for both established and budding designers.

    For the latter, it is often important to keep a healthy and working connection with different types of people. As design work opportunities become abundant, the need to have an open line of communication could determine future success in the fashion world.

    Indeed, while the prospects of getting to design for celebrities will initially require tons of hard work, the benefits that await the persevering designer should be worth it all. Branded clothing can get to be established with the accompanying increase in sales. Eventually, various product lines in the form of accessories can be introduced which should result in even more success. The spoils will come thick and fast, if you are only bold enough to claim them!